ggplot in Python- Part 1.

As a part of my internship, I have study the basic functions in ggplot using the predefined data sets. But, before we dive into the analysis, let us first know what is ggplot all about. What is ggplot? ggplot is a plotting system in R, created by H. Wickman in 2005. Since then it has […]

PMO APP Design Sprint

Today, I had a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the PMO APP Design Wireframes, held at the Taj, New Delhi.  The session was supported and conducted by Google, and we as Google Student Ambassadors got to volunteer and engage with the participants to help them with the designs. Many people I am sure […]

R or Python…Both?

Well, this seems to be an endless debate, which is better R or Python? What should be my learning track if I am an aspiring Data Scientist ? Well, I don’t have the answer yet. But it looks like the world is already moving to converge the power of R with the simplicity of Python, […]

Undo A G-mail.

Ever sent and email, only to realize that you made a mistake. Wish you could take it back and prevent yourself from being embarrassed.  Well, Google has come up with an experimental feature that lets you undo an email within few seconds  after hitting the send button. Lets see how to configure it. 1. Go […]

Manually adding JRE and JDK to Ubuntu 12.04

Most Linux systems do not come with the complete java package installed, and usually we need to update the JDK or JRE version by manually configuring it. Firstly, one has to download the version of Java you wish to use (Java Run Time Environment – JRE and Java Development Kit-JDK; which provides us with javac- […]

Updating to Java-8 on Ubuntu 12.04.

Updating to Java 8 to  is a time consuming task, and after spending half a day at it, I decided to blog about it. The steps are easy to follow, but mind you very time consuming. STEP 1: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer For successful completion of the last step […] error while importing matplotlib

So, here I was trying my hands on ipython notebook, when the following commands generated an error. import matplotlib.pyplot as plt AND import numpy as np At first I thought it was due to some configuration issues with my notebook but when I tried the above commands on python via terminal, the same error surfaced. […]