A Leap of Faith.

#My Journey In The Tech World- A Leap of Faith. Towards the end of my final semester, I got an opportunity to join Red Hat as a Data Science Intern. The job was in the field I wanted to pursue, and in the company which anyone would love to associate with. But, it was an […]

SHE- Social Hack Eve

“Behold, the number five is at hand. Grab it and shake and harness the power of networking.” Amidst the month long preparation, and anticipation, Women Who Code Delhi, hosted its first networking event- Social Hack Eve. Held at the Innovo8 coworking space on 3rd March, the event was a collocate of eager learners and leaders; […]

Basics of Matplotlib

Written as a part of ML101 Teaching_ML Data Visualization forms the crux of data modeling. We use data visualization to explore the data before the modeling step, and then again to finally present the model in a graphical form to a non technical audience. There are numerous visualization libraries and tools available for Python or […]

String Manipulation in R

A data scientist loves numbers but most of the human data is combination of characters.  Let me give you a small example, Price of Camera1= $5000 Price of Camera2= 5,000 Price of Camera3= 5000 For you and me, all the values are same, their average being 5000, but for a computer the first 2 values […]

ggplot in python-part 5

The main factor affecting price is the carat. In this post we shall evaluate how the two factors fare. PRICE VS CARATS OBSERVATION: As the value of carat increases, the price goes up. The line of regression is quadratic. Thus, price is affected by carat including other factors as well. OBSERVATION: Upon further scaling, we […]

ggplot error in legends.

My ggplot data evaluation was going smoothly, until I came across the an error in my ggplots. When I tried to use to the factors of cut, clarity, and color  as a differentiating factor in price vs volume, the legends did not show up. I had a colored and segmented graph but it looked vague. […]