Option B – A Book Review

In her latest book, OptionB Sheryl Sandberg talks about her life post Dave’s death. The book is written in collaboration with Adam Grant. The book teaches us that irrespective of our social-geographical or cultural differences, we process negative emotions in pretty much the same way. Our communication of pain and grief transcends words and language […]

Being One of “Their” Kind

On November 18th, I was at Atta Galatta to participate in Let Poetry Be’s November Open Mic. I will discuss the details of the poem in the second half of the post. Here is the poem I presented. Being One of “Their” Kind I lived a happy life. All cheerful and bright. Full of aims […]

Be Careful What You Wish For!

Going against my very nature, today I did something I would have never thought of doing. I performed one of my poems, in a room full of amazing poets! I got a chance to perform the following poem at the 100 Thousand Poets for Change, 2017 Bangalore hosted at Atta Galatta.  I am indebted to Shubam, SurajD, […]

The Princess and the Villain

My cousins aged 4 and 6 are a bundle of joy and fun and mischief too! The other day I was playing ‘Rescue the Princess’ with them. The elder one decided to be the superhero. And guess what, the younger one would take nothing less than a superhero role. If his `bhaiya` is a superhero, […]

Don’t Forget The Edge Cases!

Imagine a scenario where you are asked to write the following function as a part of a larger project: Task: Write a function to return the type of a triangle based on the value of the length of 3 sides of a triangle. Let’s make it a bit more easy, by assuming that test for […]

A Leap of Faith.

#My Journey In The Tech World- A Leap of Faith. Towards the end of my final semester, I got an opportunity to join Red Hat as a Data Science Intern. The job was in the field I wanted to pursue, and in the company which anyone would love to associate with. But, it was an […]

SHE- Social Hack Eve

“Behold, the number five is at hand. Grab it and shake and harness the power of networking.” Amidst the month long preparation, and anticipation, Women Who Code Delhi, hosted its first networking event- Social Hack Eve. Held at the Innovo8 coworking space on 3rd March, the event was a collocate of eager learners and leaders; […]