Being One of “Their” Kind

On November 18th, I was at Atta Galatta to participate in Let Poetry Be’s November Open Mic. I will discuss the details of the poem in the second half of the post. Here is the poem I presented.

Being One of “Their” Kind

I lived a happy life.
All cheerful and bright.
Full of aims and promises.
Chains of love and blissfulness.
Indeed it was a happy one.
Until I was forced to become
One of “their” kind.

Hugged and kissed by my friends I was.
Shared my lunch and hopes alike.
Everything was ours, not mine.
Until I became one of “their” kind.

My heart pained
To see the change
People had undergone,
To keep me off their social premises.
Gatherings that once boosted of my lively nature,
Could not care enough for a friendly gesture.

Thrown I was from work and home.
As normal I was no more.
Easy days have been pushed into the dark.
Hushing and whispers I hear wherever I walk.
Gone are the days of fun.

Amongst you all, I can never return
As into their kind I turn.
Die I will be before you, my friends,
For I am now an HIV patient.
Alas, I have become one of them.

For someone who is hit HIV/AIDS, it is already a life-changing situation. It is as much an emotional struggle as it is a medical one. How logical or helpful are we being by ostracizing those patients when they are at their most vulnerable?
Although there are various community initiatives fighting the stigma associated with HIV, we still have a long way to go. These initiatives will fall flat if we fail to acknowledge the problem, and take responsibility to address it.

I found this interesting infographic talking about the good and bad sides of how far we have come in our struggle with HIV/AIDS

I hope the poem did justice to the topic. Thanks for reading it.

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