Be Careful What You Wish For!

Going against my very nature, today I did something I would have never thought of doing. I performed one of my poems, in a room full of amazing poets! I got a chance to perform the following poem at the 100 Thousand Poets for Change, 2017 Bangalore hosted at Atta Galatta.  I am indebted to Shubam, SurajD, SurajN, Zeeshan, Pranav and Piyush for coming over to support me, and even recording my performace. Insipired by the event, and on public demand 😉 I have dedcide to share the poem on my blog. (Again this goes against my nature).

I will not disclose what the poem is about. You will know soon enough. If you read till the end, you will know why I say what I say when I say:

Be Careful What You Wish For!

When I was 5 years old,
I looked forward to summer camps.
(Mind you I had barely started schooling)
But I loved summer camps.
And I loved those tiny make-shift tents that dad put up outside our house.
Just to humour me.
When I would smuggle food and drinks into my tent,
And spend my days playing in it.
Only to run inside the house when it rained.
Only to come back and put them up again and again.

There I was at 5!
Loving the flimsy tent sheets more than the concrete walls of my house.
When I would lazily watch the perfect transition of dusk into the night.
And spend hours gazing at the starlight.
Losing myself to the drifting clouds.
Or the free-flowing rivers nearby.

There I was at 5!
All peaceful and calm.
Wondering why can’t tent houses be our permanent homes for life.
(I mean imagine)
Wouldn’t it be amazing?
Living in a tent house would be so much fun!

There I was at 5!
But,  be careful what you wish for…
Today, I am 25 years old.
And have nowhere to go but the refugee camps.

Today at 25, I dread looking at the night skies.
For the fear of an unwanted airstrike.
Who would ever want to meet his death in the eye?

Today, at 25.
I have no place to run and hide
When it rains missiles.

They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice.
But these weapons of war don’t follow the laws of nature.
They only understand man-made instructions.
Carrying orders of chaos and destruction.
My homeland has been mercilessly bombed.
Again and Again.
No concrete walls stand.
No concrete walls stand.
No landmarks remain.
We have lost our sense of direction and time.
I cannot navigate and remember where my house belonged.
There is no place left to call home.
It is all dust.
There is no home.
But the vast, vast stretches of the make-shift tents.
And a lingering struggle to survive in refugee camps.

The poem was written in light of the Syrian Refugee crisis.
To know more about the situation, and make a donation visit this UN link.

Videos and photos will be added soon 🙂

5 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Wish For!

  1. A well-written poem, Sarah Aapa.
    It makes one sympathize with the Syrian refugees, and displaced people in general. With shards of reality pricking them every day, they stop dreaming and believing.
    Only education can allow them to escape their grim reality.


  2. Woah. Pricked right in. When I finished reading, I looked up at the walls of my room at the fifth floor, and the image of it all becoming dust and reduced to nothing came flashing across my mind. I wish those bombing would read this too. Great poem. Keep writing!

    PS: Why did you choose to write it in all ‘CAPS’ ? #justWondering


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