The Princess and the Villain

My cousins aged 4 and 6 are a bundle of joy and fun and mischief too!

The other day I was playing ‘Rescue the Princess’ with them. The elder one decided to be the superhero. And guess what, the younger one would take nothing less than a superhero role. If his `bhaiya` is a superhero, so shall he be. Which left me playing both the princess and the villain. The game was simple. The villain-me will trap the princess-me. The jail will be up high up the mountain. The superheroes will climb up the mountain. Have a brutal fight with the villain, kill her and rescue the princess. Vola!

But, the superheroes never came.  Sob.

Midway through the game, my cousins decided that treasure hunting is a better game. So they started playing ‘Pirates and the Gold Coins` instead. Sorry, princess.

This anecdote is so close to our daily lives. Every day we play the villain to ourselves. We trap our happy princess-self and fill her with sadness and doubt. Sometimes the villain uses the force of fright and fear. Sometimes the force of laziness. And then there are forces of death, loss, comfort zone, danger zone, jealousy, neglect, blah…blah…… Suit yourself, the list is endless. Our poor excitable curious self, gets pushed down and trapped in. The only way out?

Someone must kill the villain and rescue the princess. A superhero must come. So our princess-self keeps waiting. What if the superhero is trapped herself. She is just a human after all. Or our superhero is a kid who is gone treasure hunting. What if the superhero never comes, and our princess-self dies in the self-made-jail.


Just like we play the villain-self and the princess-self. We must also play the superhero-self. Given the self-inflicted-malice,  we are capable of, the superhero-self is required more than ever.  Your superhero-self might not be able to kill the villain-self. But knocking out the villain for few hours every day does the trick.

Want your princess-self to be happy again? Well, just wear the cape and fly. Rescue yourself and others in need.

As for the princess from our last game. Well, she could stay trapped. Or join the pirates in their adventure. Roll up the maps, the storm is coming.

One thought on “The Princess and the Villain

  1. Very true. Self super hero with years of villain dominance has become fragile and timid. We need wake him up. He only needs little motivation, a little push. Once he wakes up, he will fly you to the sky.


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