A Leap of Faith.

Towards the end of my final semester, I got an opportunity to join Red Hat as a Data Science Intern. The job was in the field I wanted to pursue, and in the company which anyone would love to associate with. But, it was an internship offer, which meant that a ‘job‘ was not guaranteed. To add fuel to fire, it was based out of Bangalore. And for someone who has never stayed out of the Delhi, managing a new work in an alien city was nothing less than a nightmare…

But, I knew that the project was exciting, and so I went ahead with the opportunity.

I joined Red Hat in June as an intern and got converted to full time one month prior to the official ending of my internship. During these months at RedHat, I have been learning a lot! From basic etiquettes of IRC and mailing list to appreciating the complexity of building a nascent product. I got exposed to technologies I have never used or heard off before. Being the youngest and the only female in my project, I had some apprehensions. Cringe!  We have read enough about issues women face in the workplace. Sigh! But my mentors and my team are very supportive. I get to voice concerns, share ideas, collaborate with experienced programmers, and question what I don’t understand. There have been moments where I was not sure about my work or was too afraid to ask for help or felt guilty about not being able to contribute enough and sometimes felt stupid when a technical discussion went above my head. But moving forward, I realised that no technical solution is perfect and that, it is ok to not know everything. I learned that we should get our work reviewed as early as possible, and never underestimate our contributions, no matter how little.

The work atmosphere at Red Hat encourages me to learn more, and do more, and not being afraid of the thing I don’t know yet. Above all, I and my opinions get respected as an individual. Period.

Being completely thrown out of my comfort zone has got the best out of me. My coding skills and technical knowledge has improved exponentially. I have become a more confident individual, knowing that the work I do, carries an impact. My journey in tech, aspiring to be a data scientist has hardly begun, but what an awesome start it is!

All because I believed in myself, and took the leap of faith.

‘If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, you don’t ask what seat. You just get on.’ -Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

P.S: I wrote this piece for the blogathon competition of TechnopreneuHer

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