SHE- Social Hack Eve

“Behold, the number five is at hand. Grab it and shake and harness the power of networking.”

Amidst the month long preparation, and anticipation, Women Who Code Delhi, hosted its first networking event- Social Hack Eve. Held at the Innovo8 coworking space on 3rd March, the event was a collocate of eager learners and leaders; aimed at bridging the gap between the world of women and technology, and quite honestly stood the test.

The Women Who Code executive team represented by CEO – Alaina Percival, Global Leadership Director- Joey Rosenberg, and V.P. of Business Development – Jennifer Tacheff, were the speakers for the event. Their mere presence did set the atmosphere exhilarating. This awesome trio of ladies brought with them not only an inspiring message in leadership and persistence, but made sure everyone in the audience carried home a piece of that positive energy.

The event kicked off with the general introduction of the speakers, and the Women Who Code Delhi team. This was followed by the lightning talk by Alaina. By sharing her journey, her failures and success, she pulled everyone on the same page. She made sure her message about the need for existence of the Women Who Code, was engaging and resonating. To further strengthen the engagement between the speaker and the audience, a panel discussion ensued. From questioning the non-profit status of the Women Who Code, to career tips, to future of Women Who Code, the audience seized the opportunity to the fullest.

One could not help but appreciate the support the women showed for each other. Whether it was coming forward to teach one another new skill, or admitting the shortcomings, or applauding each other for struggle, and the success. These were the women from different educational and professional background, coming together to inspire and to be inspired. Everyone present in the audience, despite the diversity in opinions, converged (and still do) on the fact that women are as good technologist as men. Women (by very virtue of being humans) should not give up on the struggle, no matter what the wreckage. They are worthy of every applaud, and every success they earn.

With so much inspiration to carry back home, one will no more make a mere statement about women leading the change. The Women Who Code organization, it’s volunteer, and everyone in the audience is a part of that change, living that dream. No apologies, no excuses.

We need to create a cultural shift where women discuss their success and also for society to be enthusiastic when they do.” – Alaina.

Event in a nutshell: Video Curtesy Innovo8

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