ggplot in Python- Part 3

Before we plotting our data, we must be aware of any null values in the qualitative fields and unnecessary zero values in the numeric fields. Such values can lead to incorrect statistical calculations and even worse, errors while plotting the values and forming the line of best fit.

1.Check for any null values.


2. Check for zero value of price field.


3. Check Zero values of x- It is the length of diamond. Similarly you can check for y,z.


4. Check for other zero values.


Observations so far:

OBSERVATION 1: There are no diamonds with null values, because length of data set before and after dropping the null set is same.

OBSERVATION 2:There are no values of price, which are zero. Every diamond has worth 😛

OBSERVATION 3: Except of the x,y,z fields no other numeric value has zero field. Need to keep this in mind while plotting these values.

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