ggplot error in legends.

My ggplot data evaluation was going smoothly, until I came across the an error in my ggplots. When I tried to use to the factors of cut, clarity, and color  as a differentiating factor in price vs volume, the legends did not show up. I had a colored and segmented graph but it looked vague. I could not make out which dots represents what.

This was happening because my ggplot version was outdated. The current pip install does not include the bug fixed version.

How to solve it. 

After much googling, I came across a solution that worked for me. Uninstall the ggplot and install the git version of it.

pip uninstall ggplot

pip install git+git://

This process takes a long time to complete, the repo is quite heavy.

After installation I ran pip upgrade, which was up to date in my case.

pip install --upgrade pip.








AH HA! 🙂

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